Sri Srikantheshvara Temple, Nanjangud, District MysuruGumbaz containing Tomb of Tipu Sultan, Srirangapatna, District MandyaAghoreshvara Temple, Ikkeri, District ShimogaGommateswara Statue KarkalaHoysalesvara Temple, Halebid, District HassanFortress and Temples on the Hill, Chitradurga, District ChitradurgaKallesvara Temple Bagali, District DavanagerePalace of Tipu Sultan Bangalore, District  Bengaluru Urban

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The Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 defines an ‘ Ancient Monument ’ as follows:-

Ancient Monument means any structure, erection or monument, or any tumulus or place of interment, or any cave, rock-sculpture, inscription or monolith which is of historical, archaeological or artistic interest and which has been in existence for not less than 100 years and includes

  1. Remains of an ancient monument, 
  2. Site of an ancient monument, 
  3. Such portion of land adjoining the site of an ancient monument as may be required for fencing or covering in or otherwise preserving such monument, a
  4. The means of access to, and convenient inspection of, an ancient monument; 

The section 2(d) defines archaeological site and remains as follows:
Archaeological site and remains means any area which contains or is reasonably believed to contain ruins or relics of historical or archaeological importance which have been in existence for not less than one hundred years, and includes—   

  1. Such portion of land adjoining the area as may be required for fencing or covering in or otherwise preserving it, and
  2. The means of access to, and convenient inspection of the area; 

Protection of monuments 
The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) under the provisions of the AMASR Act, 1958 protects monuments, sites and remains of national importance by giving a two-month’s notice for inviting objections, if any in this regard. 

After the specified two-month’s period, and after scrutinizing the objections, if any, received in this regard, the ASI makes decision to bring a monument under its protection. 

There are at present more than 3650 ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains of national importance. These monuments belong to different periods, ranging from the prehistoric period to the colonial period and are located in different geographical settings. They include temples, mosques, tombs, churches, cemeteries, forts, palaces, step-wells, rock-cut caves, and secular architecture as well as ancient mounds and sites which represent the remains of ancient habitation. 

These monuments and sites are maintained and preserved through various Circles of the ASI spread all over the country. The Circles look after the research on these monuments and conservation activities, while the Science Branch with its headquarters at Dehradun carries out chemical preservation and the Horticulture Branch with its headquarters at Agra is entrusted with the laying out gardens and environmental development.

Protected Monuments of Bengaluru Circle

  1. Old Dugeon Fort & Gates
  2. Tipu Sultan's Palace
  3. Pre-historic Site Chikkaajala
  4. Fort, Devanahalli
  5. Tipu Sultan's birth place - Devanahalli
  6. Pre-historic site, Managondanahalli
  7. Pre-historic site, Savanadurga
  8. Sri Vijayanarayana Temple - Gundlupet
  9. Sri Arkesvara Temple - Hale alur
  10. Ramesvara Temple - Narasamangala
  11. Gaurisvara Temple - Yelandur
  12. Amritesvara Temple (Amruthapura)
  13. Viranarayana Temple - Belavadi
  14. Vidyasankara Temple - Sringeri
  15. Ashokan Inscription - Brahmagiri
  16. Pre-historic Site - Brahmagiri
  17. Pre-historic Site - Chandravalli
  18. Fortress & Temples on the Hill - Chitradurga
  19. Inscription and Jatinga Ramasvara Temple - Ramesvara Hill
  20. Akkatangi Temple and Asokan Inscription Emmethammanagundu - Siddapura
  21. Dolmen Circle - Doddamolathe
  22. Fort and Larg Masonry Elephants - Mercara
  23. Raja's Seat - Madikeri
  24. Three Jaina Temples of Stone in a Courtyard with an inscription - Mullur
  25. Dolmen Circle - Sulmolathe
  26. Kalleswara Swami Temple - Bagali
  27. Fort, Chennagiri
  28. Kalleswara Temple - Halavagalu
  29. Hariharesvara Temple - Harihara
  30. Shahji's Tomb - Hodigere
  31. Mallikarjuna Temple - Kuruvatti
  32. Bhimesvara Temple - Nilagunda
  33. Musafirkhana and Honda - Santhebennur
  34. Hill Fort and ruined Palace - Uchchangidurga
  35. Channakesva Temple together with adjacent area - Arakere
  36. Isvara Temple, Arsikere
  37. Keshava Temple and Inscriptions, Belur
  38. Lakshmi Devi Temple, Doddagaddavalli
  39. Adinatha Basti, Halebid
  40. Hoysalesvara Temple - Halebid
  41. Kedaresvara Temple, Halebid
  42. Parsvanatha Basti, Halebid
  43. Shantinatha Basti, Halebid
  44. Kalyani Tank, Hulikere
  45. Buchesvara Temple, Koravangala
  46. Fort and Dungeon, Manzarabad
  47. Nagesvara and Chennakesava Temple, Mosale
  48. Lakshminarasimha Temple, Nuggehalli
  49. Sadashiva Temple, Nuggehalli
  50. Akkana Basti, Sravanabelagola
  51. Chandragupta Basti, Sravanabelagola
  52. Chamundaraya Basti, Sravanabelagola
  53. Gomatesvara, Sravanabelagola
  54. Inscriptions, Sravanabelagola
  55. Parsvanatha Basti, Sravanabelagola
  56. Ramalingesvara Temples and Inscriptions, Avani
  57. Haider Ali's Birth place, Budikote
  58. Pre-historic Site - Hunkunda
  59. Kolaramma Temple, Kolar
  60. Maqbara (Mausoleum of Hyder Ali's Father), Kolar
  61. Somesvara Temple, Kolar
  62. Bhoganandishwara Temple, Nandi
  63. Tipu Sultan's Lodge, Nandidurga
  64. Ancient Jaina Vestiges, Artipura
  65. Mallikarjuna Temple - Basaral
  66. Panchalingeshvara Temple, Govindanahalli
  67. Lakshiminarayana Temple, Hosaholalu
  68. Panchakuta Basti, Kambadahalli
  69. Lakshminarasimhaswamy Temple, Marehalli
  70. Cheluvanarayanaswamy Temple, Melkote
  71. Saumyakesava Temple, Nagamangala
  72. Lakshminarayana Temple, Sindhaghatta
  73. Ancient Palace Site and remains, Srirangapatna
  74. Colonel Bailey's Dungeon, Srirangapatna
  75. Daria Daulat Bagh, Srirangapatna
  76. Gumbaz containing Tomb of Tipu Sultan, Srirangapatna
  77. Juma Masjid (Masjid-E-Ala), Srirangapatna
  78. Obelisk Monuments and Fort Walls near the breach, Srirangapatna
  79. Spot where Tipu's body was found, Srirangapatna
  80. Sri Kanthirava Statue in Narasimha Temple, Srirangapatna
  81. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangapatna
  82. Thomas Inman's Dungeon, Srirangapatna
  83. Nambinarayana Temple, Tonnur
  84. Sidilu Mallikarjuna Temple, Bettadapura
  85. Lakshmikanta Temple, Mullur
  86. Sri Srikanteshvara Temple, Nanjangud
  87. Keshava Temple, Somanathapur
  88. Kirtinaraya Temple, Talkad
  89. Vaidyesvara Temple, Talkad
  90. Jaina Temple, Shanthinatha Basadi, Bandalike
  91. Somesvara Temple, Bandalike
  92. Trimurthinarayana Temple, Bandalike
  93. Devanganga Ponds, Basavanabayane, Nagar
  94. Bherundeshvara Temple, Belligavi
  95. Kedaresvara Temple, Belligavi
  96. Somesvara Temple, Belligavi
  97. Tripurantesvara Temple, Belligavi
  98. Fortress and Renuka Temple, Chandragutti
  99. Basadis and Inscriptions, Humcha
  100. Aghoreshvara Temple, Ikkeri
  101. Fort, Kavaledurga
  102. Rameswara Temple, Keladi
  103. Kaitabhesvara Temple, Kubatur
  104. Parsvanatha Basti, Kubatur
  105. Ramesvara Temple, Kubatur
  106. Ramesvara Temple, Kudli
  107. Temples and Inscriptions, Kuppagadde
  108. Inscribed Pillar, Malavalli
  109. Jaina Basti with Brahmadeva Pillar, Melagi
  110. Mallikarjuna & Ramesvara Temple, Nadkalsi
  111. Palace Site outside the fort, Nagar
  112. Shivappa Naik's Fort, Nagar
  113. Inscribed Pillar, Talagunda
  114. Pranavesvara Temple, Talagunda
  115. Temples and Inscriptions, Udri
  116. Stambha in front of the Kotakeri Jainabasti, Bappanad
  117. Suntan Battery, Boloor
  118. Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore
  119. Jamalabad Fort, Nada & Laila
  120. Channkeshava Temple, Aralaguppe
  121. Fort, Madhugiri
  122. Channakesava Temple, Nagalapura
  123. Kedaresvara Temple, Nagalapura
  124. Juma Masjid, Sira
  125. Malik Rihan Darga, Sira
  126. Kattale Basadi Consisting of two small ruined stone built Jaina Mandapa and a small Siva Temple, Hosal, Barkur
  127. Ananthapadmanabha Temple, Karkala
  128. Chaturmukha Basadi, Karkala
  129. Great Manastambha at Hariyangadi or Haliyangadi, Karkala
  130. Jain Statue of Gomateswara, Karkala
  131. Inner courtyard of Chowtar's Palace at Madabidri, Marpadi
  132. Seventeen Jaina Tombs at Mudabidri, Prantya