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World Heritage Sites (TENTATIVE LIST)

The Ruins and Monuments of Hampi, inscribed as World Heritage Site in 1986 by UNESCO was under the jurisdiction of ASI, Bangalore Circle before the formation of Hampi Mini Circle in 2014. At present ASI Bangalore Circle has two properties that are included in the Tentative List of the World Heritage Sites-  Monuments of Srirangapatna Island Town and Sacred Ensembles of the Hoysalas.

Srirangapatna in Srirangapatna Taluk of Mandya district is an island enclosed  by river Cauvery. Near this town, river Cauvery divides into two branches called North and South Cauvery creating the central land mass as an Island. A little upstream, the river Cauvery deviates to west before it creates the island and called Paschimavahini. This island is called Srirangapatna after the presiding deity of the place Sriranganatha.
The Monuments of Srirangapatna town comprise mainly of ruined fort, temples, palaces and mosques belonging to different religious traditions and datable from 9th century AD to 18th century AD. The monuments of Srirangapatna represents masterpieces that are assimilation of Indian, Indo-Islamic and British architectural styles. They bear an exceptional testimony to the cultural and artistic traditions associated with the different political and socio-religious upheavals that the region witnessed. The Monuments are thus an outstanding example of an ensemble of different types and styles of architectural models.  

The following Monuments/ Sites in Srirangapatna are proposed for inclusion in the Tentative List
List of Centrally Protected Monuments included in the Tentative List

  1. Ancient Palace Site and Remains
  2. Sri Ranganatha Swami Temple
  3. Sri Kanthirava Statue in Narasimha Temple
  4. Obelisk Monuments and Fort walls near the Breach
  5. Colonel Bailey's Dungeon
  6. Thomas Inman's Dungeon
  7. Spot where Tipu's Body was found
  8. Jumma Masjid (Masjid-E-Ala)
  9. Daria DaulatBagh
  10. Gumbaz containing tomb of Tipu Sultan

List of State Protected Monuments included in the Tentative List

  1. Tipu Palace-Lal Mahal
  2. Fort and Moat around the fort
  3. Magazine House (Maddinamane)
  4. Mirsaddiq Palace
  5. Hanging Bridge (Thugusetuve)
  6. Vijayanagara Viceroy’s Palace remains (Thuppada Kola)
  7. Mumudi Krishnaraja Wodeyar Birth Place
  8. Webb's Monument
  9. Krishnamurti's Bungalow
  10. Obelisks at Ganjam (Ranagambha)
  11. GaviGangadeshara temple

Other Heritage Buildings

  1. Abbe Dubois Church by CSI Mysore
  2. Garrison Cemetery


The Sacred Ensembles of Hoysalas represents the pinnacle of artistic and cultural accomplishments of the Hoysala Empire that reigned from the 11th century AD to 14th century AD largely in present day Karnataka. The Hoysala period contributed enormously to the development of several spiritual and humanistic thoughts. This period also witnessed the growth of several religious beliefs –Vaishnavaism, Shaivism and Jainism.  During their reign, the Hoysalas built more than 1500 temples all across their empire of which only a little over 100 survive today. Their efforts to integrate the Dravidian style of South India and Nagara style of North India resulted in the creation of syncretic new forms. The exquisite intricacy of the stone sculptures and carvings of the Hoysala temples exteriors with attention to detail of ornamentation, clothing and dynamic movement of human and animal figures are noteworthy. The stellate plan, lathe turned stone pillars, the curved and corbelled vimana or towers over the shrines that combine the nagara and Dravidian architectural styles and the bell shaped cornices are significant innovations by Hoysalas in the development of temple architecture. The monuments included are proposed for inclusion in the Tentative List.

  1. AdinathaBasti, Halebidu
  2. Hoysaleswara Temple,Halebidu
  3. Kedaresvara Temple,Halebidu
  4. ParsvanathaBasti, Halebidu
  5. Santhinatha Basti, Halebidu
  6. Kalyani  (Ornate Stepped Tank), Halebidu
  7. Keshava Temple and Inscription, Belur